Supergirl #33 Review


Writers: Tony Bedard

Artists: Emanuela Luppacchino

Inker/Colorist: Ray McCarthy, Scott Hanna / Hi-Fi

Epilogue: Frank Barbiere & Ben Caldwell


The World Killer has Kara in his sight. A Kryptonian armor looking to partner up with Kara. With the events of Superman: Doomed and Red Lanterns Kara has reached her limits. She now makes one last choice: Give in to the rage? or save Earth with a noble sacrifice?! Witness what may be Kara’s last moments!

The Ups: Tony Bedard has been building up to this issue. He has taken Kara and ran her through some tough times that lead to her becoming a Red Lantern. Ever since landing on Earth all she has been is angry and the Red Lanterns let her explore that so that she can discover what her place on Earth will be. This issue shows a lot of Kara’s personality and how she has grown since she put on the red ring. You can feel Kara’s emotions in the dialogue as she is concern with the lives of the people the World Killer armor uses as hostage. The heroic nature of Super Girl truly shines in this issue. Bedard does a terrific job at putting his reader in a frantic panic as he provides Kara with two choices that won’t end well for her. There is one page dedicated to the Red Lanterns that may hint that we will be seeing those guys again.

Emanuela Luppacchino‘s poses are great. She deliver’s a great deal of character emotion with the body language. The pose are right for all the situations in this issue. The backgrounds are not the major focus but they were amazing. She packed a great amount of content in the background that you have to stop and check out the buildings and trees of Rio de Janeiro. Scott Hanna and Ray McCarthy ink’s add a bolder look to the pencils that makes the art stick out well. Hi-Fi‘s colors makes this issue go above and beyond. Such a vibrant colors and the 1 page spread towards the end of the book could not have looked better without his colors.

Make sure you stay for the end because there is a quick two page epilogue by Frank Barbiere and Ben Caldwell with Gen 13 that will make you tingle with anticipation as I did.

The Downs: There are some inconsistency with Kara’s face. The shape looks weird on some panels. What not sure what to think of it but it was really noticeable and some panels.

Overall: I admit that I was not enjoying Super Girl constantly complaining and her focus on how the universe is out to get her. I realize that this was Bedard’s master plan. He broke down the character in order to rebuild and more away from that association. This issue will finally bring Super Girl to a reemergence of hope and clarity that will keep the readers at her side. If you’re a fan of the character then I guarantee you”ll enjoy this issue as much as I did.

Grade 4 of 5

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