“Thunderbolts” To End With Issue #32 In October!

Marvel has released word that the current series of “Thunderbolts” will end with issue #32 in October of this year. Writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, who have been with the series since issue #27, along with artist Kim Jacinto stated that issue #32 will be the last issue of the series. The current volume of the series started back in 2012 with Daniel Way and Steve Dillon as a team and the series carried on from then for the next year until the upcoming end this year.

Although this volume of “Thunderbolts” will be ending soon, it is not the last time that this series has been visited and then ended. Since 1997 “Thunderbolts” has had multiple volumes over the years that Marvel has constantly been reincarnating. It is a reasonable assumption to make that “Thunderbolts” may return in the future but for now lets enjoy the last few issues we have.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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