Supergirl #27 Review

Supergirl V6 #27 - Page 1Writers: Tony Bedard

Artists/Cover: Yildiray Cinar/Giuseppe Camuncoli

Inker/Colorist: Ray McCarthy/Dan Brown


It is round 2! Kara Vs Lobo. There is no way anyone can keep the main man down and out! Kara has been gone for awhile and starts to feel alone again. She seeks for comfort in the form of Dr. Shay Veritas. Lobo is at the mercy of the dissecting table but Lobo won’t take it lying down.

The Ups: The path to red is upon us. Bedard is developing the story for Kara becoming a red lantern. Her anger rises several time in the story and the rage seeps out in the dialogue. I am not sure seeking comfort in Dr. Veritas is a good idea. It is clear that her focus is on Lobo and her intellectual curiosity. The dialogue has some strong moments especially when Dr. Veritas tells Lobo that the mini sun explosion was not for him.  All in all Bedard progresses the story towards the red lantern saga. The star of the issue is the art from Cinar, McCarthy, and Brown. Highly detail art and bright colors to go with it, its a wonderful work of art. The one page splash are the best  I have seen this week.

Supergirl V6 #27 - Page 19The Downs: I am not really enjoying Kara complaining. She is very whiny throughout the issue. The story isn’t the best one but it is serving it’s purpose to propel the series into the red lantern saga. It feels like these issues are buying time until then.

Overall: Bedard tells the story that will have Kara seeing red. Very strong dialogue at times that shows the anger in Supergirl. Cinar and the rest of the art team do an amazing job providing some very character focus panels that are eye popping good. It seems that this arc is driving towards the main attraction and  the series will pick up once it is there. Worth the read.

Grade 4 of 5

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