Supergirl #33 Review


The World Killer has Kara in his sight. A Kryptonian armor looking to partner up with Kara. With the events of Superman: Doomed and Red Lanterns Kara has reached her limits. She now makes one last choice: Give in to the rage? or save Earth with a noble sacrifice?! Witness what may be Kara’s last moments!

ComicsRefueled’s Artist Alley 5.11.14

Welcome to another installation of ComicsRefueled’s Artist Alley! Check out some of the great art works from artists’ social media this week. You don’t want to miss this one as Greg Capullo draws some Marvel Characters!

Green Lantern #28 / Red Lanterns #28 Review


A not so round Zilius Zox and a very red Supergirl

Hal and the rest of the Green Lanterns have regroup to counter the disaster the Durlans have created. A bigger problem comes knocking at their door. She is angry, Kryptonian, and seeing Red! Meet the Red Lantern’s new recruit: Supergirl! On the flip side, Guy continues to court Ice while Zilius Zox and Skallox are having a problem reasoning with the Shadow Thief! Plus Rankor and Bleez have found Ratchet’s ring but a greater evil is awaiting them.

Supergirl #27 Review


No More Sexy Time Lobo For You!

It is round 2! Kara Vs Lobo. There is no way anyone can keep the main man down and out! Kara has been gone for awhile and starts to feel alone again. She seeks for comfort in the form of Dr. Shay Veritas. Lobo is at the mercy of the dissecting table but Lobo won’t take it lying down.