Supergirl #33 Review


The World Killer has Kara in his sight. A Kryptonian armor looking to partner up with Kara. With the events of Superman: Doomed and Red Lanterns Kara has reached her limits. She now makes one last choice: Give in to the rage? or save Earth with a noble sacrifice?! Witness what may be Kara’s last moments!

The Flash #30 Review


Post Forever Evil, Barry Allen aka The Flash has survived to find his city in need of him. Being gone, Central City was defenseless and left in ruins. But Barry does not have time to waste as rebuilding and securing the city is a priority! Before he can put his life and the city together he must face the police department psychologist! A new direction and the debut of Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse. Can this power team carry the momentum forward or will Barry be lost in time? Plus! the moment Flash fans have been waiting for: The first New 52 appearance of Wally West!

Supergirl #27 Review


No More Sexy Time Lobo For You!

It is round 2! Kara Vs Lobo. There is no way anyone can keep the main man down and out! Kara has been gone for awhile and starts to feel alone again. She seeks for comfort in the form of Dr. Shay Veritas. Lobo is at the mercy of the dissecting table but Lobo won’t take it lying down.

Pretty Deadly #4 Review


Will Death Be The End? Or Will They Be The End For Death?

After all the craziness that has occurred it is time for one man by the name of Johnny Coyote to join the fray! Ginny is gaining on Fox’s trail and is close to revenge but is there a greater cause than vengeance? Questions will be answered and all the pieces will be come together!