Edge of Spider-Verse #1 Review


Here it is! The first installment in the Edge of Spider-Verse mini series featuring the Noir crime-fighting Spider-Man. We are back in the 1930’s sometime after Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face. Peter and his family are enjoying the mystical magician show starring MYSTERIO?! He seeks the Spider-Man but for what gains? and who is that man from the future? Hint:….it’s not Marty…

Futures End: Earth 2 #1 Review


It’s 5 years later and it seems that Earth 2 might have been lost. The people who survived the Earth 2 war are now residing on Earth Prime. Earth Prime has become xenophobic of Earth 2 residents and alienate them. We find Michael Holt, Mr. Terrific, with Earth 2’s Sonia Sato about to demonstrate to the world the next new social communication personal: The U-Sphere. However, Terry Sloan has other plans for Earth that will make Mr. Terrific’s life a living hell.

Batman Eternal #22 Review


Batman’s world slowly starts to fall apart! A break in at Wayne Manor has left Alfred in critical condition and no Bruce Wayne in sight. Julia Pennyworth is tasked to find Bruce but might have found something that is bigger than she can handle. The Architect has come back to wreak havoc on Gotham’s Beacon but Batman stands in his way. All this plus the reveal of the mastermind behind the chaos!

Guardians of the Galaxy #18 Original Sin Tie-In Review

For years, we wondered what really happened during the showdown between Nova, Star-Lord and Thanos. The loss of Rich Rider during this ordeal raised many questions that Star-Lord refused to answer. Until now, Gamora has allowed Star-Lord to keep his silence. However, Gamora’s lost her patience and she’s determined to pull the truth out of Star-Lord—whether he likes it or not!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review

Peter Quill was abducted as a young child by a group called “the scavengers” and was raised to be an outlaw. Unfortunately for Quill, his outlaw days are starting to catch up to him as a bounty is put on his head after stealing an important sphere—bringing the attention of Gamora, Rocket and his pal Groot. This unlikely bunch also drew the attention of maniac Drax the Destroyer, putting them together as an unlikely team to put a stop to Ronan the Accuser’s path of destruction as they become the Guardians of the Galaxy!

UNCANNY X-MEN #24 Review


In the aftermath of the attack on the Jean Grey School, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) arrives with the apparent last will and testament of Charles Xavier. At the same time a man named Matthew, accidentally unleashes a wave of dangerous energy, seemingly destroying part (if not all) of Newberry, South Carolina.

Superman #33 Review


After his battle with Klerik, Superman and Ulysses take some times to get to know each other. It has been a long time since Ulysses has been on Earth. Meanwhile Clark Kent returns to the Daily Planet for some information on Ulysses project from the person who reported it: Perry White! What secret will Clark reveal about Ulysses’ past and who is the mystery figure lurking in the dark?

Supergirl #33 Review


The World Killer has Kara in his sight. A Kryptonian armor looking to partner up with Kara. With the events of Superman: Doomed and Red Lanterns Kara has reached her limits. She now makes one last choice: Give in to the rage? or save Earth with a noble sacrifice?! Witness what may be Kara’s last moments!