Justice League Of America #13 Review

Justice League of America #13 - Page 1Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Eddy Barrows/Tom Derenick

Inkers/Colorist: Eber Ferreira/Marc Deering/Allen Martinez/Hi-Fi


“You know your name sounds like the world’s worst cereal? “Despair-o’s.””

Despero has killed a weaken Manhunter in battle all for Stargirl to be able to escape to save the league. Sadly his sacrifice was in vain because Despero has already caught up to Stargirl and is planning on getting the job done.

The Ups: The story of Stargirl and Manhunter has been very action packed and showed both characters in a new and interesting light. Kindt throughout this arc has made me care about Stargirl and made her a much deeper character then when this series started and I hope this keeps on when she moves to Justice League United. The entire art team did as wonderful job pulling out really good detailed work with all the events that were going on at once to close out the entire arc. But I think what I enjoyed the most whenever there was a fight going on, the artwork was so sharp giving Stargirl the spotlight and hoping other fans learned to appreciate the character like I did.

Justice League of America #13 - Page 5The Downs: And then I got halfway through the issue and I was so confused seeing characters that shouldn’t have been where they were and then quickly disappointed to realize how this arc ended and the twist that came along with it. I will not spoil what this ending is, but I’ve seen this happen in so many different stories and I feel it’s just a really lame way to end a story that I was actually starting to enjoy.

Overall: I’ll give it to Kindt, he definitely gave me a character I can learn to care about and an action packed story that shined on characters who have not had much focus since the start of the ‘New 52’ and it helped that it was backed up with a wonderful art team. But the ending completely killed the effect the story had on me and made these two characters. Stargirl and Manhunter, into strong characters look very weak other all.

Grade 2 of 5


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