Justice League #28 Review

Justice League #28 - Page 1Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis

Inkers/Colorist: Joe Prado/Scott Hanna/Rod Reis


“You get Pay-Per-View down here? WCW is on in five.”

Cyborg has been reborn with an stronger and more powerful body and is out to get his revenge against Grid and save his fellow League members. Learning of one man who can be able to help him in his journey just might not even want to help Cybrog in the first place!

The Ups: Johns only adds to the depth of the Forever Evil storyline with the introduction of the Metal Men, the first group of of sentient androids created to help the world. I actually found this group of characters interesting as they all had unique characteristics, some wild and some pretty funny, bringing some new fresh and hopeful characters in the mist of all this chaos. The entire issue is a back story on how Dr Magnus created the Metal Men and how they went missing shortly after being activated, this back story actually made me care about the Metal Men and what brought them to be heroes and I’m looking forward to see what role they will play in the future. The entire on team on more on point on this issue bringing wonderful and detailed designs on the Metal Men, but Rod Reis definitely shined the most with the great job of coloring, all very rich and bright and true to the actual color of the metals.

Justice League #28 - Page 10The Downs: All good here.

Overall: Johns has given us a new band of heroes we can actually care about and has definitely invested a good amount of time into their creation design and back story. With the end of Forever Evil closely approaching it seems we are getting small pieces to the overall bigger puzzle and it’s starting to pick up some exciting speed.

Grade 5 of 5.

2 thoughts on “Justice League #28 Review

  1. I’ve been looking forward to the Metal Men’s New 52 debut for a long time now. This issue really impressed me – it was true to the characters’ roots without suffering from that 1960’s tonality. A big win!

    • Yes I couldn’t agree more. They all felt fresh and the story was something I wasn’t expecting but helped make this issue completely worth the read, thanks for the feedback!

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