New Warriors #1 Review

New Warriors #1 - Page 1Writer: Christopher Yost

Artist: Marcus To

Colorist: David Curiel

The lives of several very special individuals are on the cusp of a metamorphosis as their singular ideas of life and resposibility are soon to be stripped away to make room for their culmination as the New Warriors.

The Ups: The writing done by Christopher Yost from the different perspectives of each character is both unique and very specific to each individual character and he makes it clear that there is a large contrast between the lives of these people but their goals, at heart, are all the same. Marcus To’s artwork has very soft and subtle textures and when combined with David Curiel’s lively and bright colors, creates a complete book that is pleasant to look at and does not hinder our enjoyment of the story itself.

New Warriors #1 - Page 5The Downs: On the flip side, the pacing of the book may have been a little too fast and the apparent enemy to be revealed to the reader by the end seems to come about in a quite cliched way that is overused in other comics and other forms of media altogether.

Overall: Even though the issue was paced a little too quick, the story is definitely one to look forward to and we’re positive Yost has a lot of character development in the works that was missed this issue but one the stage is properly set the characters will have their time to shine.

Grade 4 of 5

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