Justice League #27 Review

Justice League #27 - Page 1Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis

Inkers/Colorist: Joe Prado/Jesus Merino/Vicente Cifuentes/Rod Reis


“One more thing, dad. Let’s remember where I’m from.”

With Batman and Catwoman back in the world on their journey to stop the Crime Syndicate. With Cyborg still out of commission from losing his body when Grid separated itself, his father still might be able to bring his son back into the fight!

The Ups: One thing Cyborg has been missing since the start of the New 52 and that is an issue solely focused on him and what is going on around him and inside his mind. Johns takes the time to explain how all of the events up until now have effected Cyborg and his father who have had a strained relationship since the accident that cause Victor to become Cyborg. I am really in love with the new design for Cyborg from Ivan Reis, it is a big throw back to how he used to look pre New 52 with some nice additions. But the design shines ever so bright thanks to Prado, Merino, Cifuentes and Reis for making pop off the page but also coloring him to bring out a more human side of Cyborg.

Justice League #27 - Page 6The Downs: Even with the nice jump into Cyborgs mind could not help the rest of this story catch my attention. The beginning with Johnny Quick and Atomica attacking some members of the Doom Patrol and the last few scenes with Cyborg simply helping people with no dialogue could have been taken out of this issue to progress more with where Johns is going with Cyborg or to get a bit more into his mind. Also towards the end the art comes off extremely rushed and hurts the even more with the needless scenes.

Overall: It’s good to see Cyborg get the spotlight but it could of been of something a bit more deserving. Johns probably has something in store with this cliffhanger and it seems Cyborg will get a lead role for the next issue which is very exciting and something we should all look forward to.

Grade 3 of 5

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