X-Men #11 Review

X-Men V4 #11 - Page 1Writer: Brian Wood

Artist: Kris Anka/Clay Mann

Colorist: Jason Keith/Paul Mounts


The Sisterhood begins to set the next stage of their plans into motion with the X-Men close behind them, guided by a newfound revelation. Meanwhile, back on the beach, the rest of the X-Men continue their fight against the Sentinels and things get very hectic, very fast for them.

The Ups: This issue has a very pace about it that is very easy to follow and the story telling has equal parts positive and negative outcomes that perfectly compliment each other. Writer Brian Wood turns the dial WAY up in this iteration of the series and things both traumatic and simply awesome happen one after the other that it forces you to slow down, take a deep breath, and dive right back in because it’s impossibe to stay away. One scene in particular (I won’t say which, read for yourself to find out) has you almost solving a puzzle or investigation right along with the characters and once its figured out you feel a rush of excitment that is not conveyed often in comics.

X-Men V4 #11 - Page 4The Downs: The only problem i have with this book is that the art in the first part of the book is bland and pretty boring to look at.

Overall: Even though the art in the first half of the book is slightly mediocre, the pencil work done by Clay Mann in the second part of the book makes up for it through vibrant designs that are perfectly coupled with the narrative. The story itself is definitely starting to move faster and is sure to be an awe inspiring experience for all to enjoy.

Grade 5 of 5

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