Avengers World #3 Review

Avengers World #3 - Page 1Writers: Jonathan Hickman/Nick Spencer

Artist: Stefano Caselli

Colorists: Frank Martin/Antonio Fabela/Edgar Delgado

“I am Shang-Chi, apologies for the descration–they looked like common gangsters to me.”

The world is being attacked all on different fronts and the Avengers have been sent out to answer the call. With the ranks split and each deep in danger are trying to stop the unknown threat, and Shang-Chi stands alone to take on the powerful Gorgon in hopes to stop a man with the power of a dragon!

The Ups: This issue was just all sort of cool and felt like it was pulled out of a new age kung fu flick. Hickman and Spencer keep this issue very self contained and for good reason, because to me it was to let Shang-Chi shine. A lot of the dialogue was Shang-Chi explaining the events in third person as he goes toe to toe with Gorgon, this was all done so well as Shang-Chi explains everything in great detail the stories of where he was drawing his power from and all the weird drawbacks it had on him felt very true to any kung fu film. And on top of the story the artwork of Caselli, Martin, Fabela, and Delgado was above and beyond as it has been for the last three issues, but what I enjoyed the most was during the scenes where Shang-Chi would explain the warriors of the past, those scenes were all drawn like ancient Chinese paintings and it helped top of the feel of the issue to the tee.

Avengers World #3 - Page 5The Downs: Not a single problem here.

Overall: There isn’t enough words to deserve how awesome this book was for me. If this is any foreshadowing to how Shang-Chi’s solo series will be then please count me in, this is one issue everyone should check out!

Grade 5 of 5

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