Avengers World #3 Review

“I am Shang-Chi, apologies for the descration–they looked like common gangsters to me.”

The world is being attacked all on different fronts and the Avengers have been sent out to answer the call. With the ranks split and each deep in danger are trying to stop the unknown threat, and Shang-Chi stands alone to take on the powerful Gorgon in hopes to stop a man with the power of a dragon!

Avengers World #1 Review


“Now, let’s try to have a good first day–you’re late. Aw, thats terrible.”

The Avengers are not called the Earth’s mightiest heroes for nothing and when the world is in peril they are always the first on the scene. But when an unknown threat start causing mass destruction through an unknown method will the Avengers be able to save the world in time before it’s too late?!