Wonder Woman #28 Review


Wonder Woman #28 Cover

Writer: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Cliff Chiang

Colorist: Matthew Wilson

Icy France

Cassandra and Cheever continue their vendetta against Olympus and try to capture Zola and Zeke. With the aid of Artemis, Wonder Woman attempts to track them down and keep them safe.

Ups: Brian Azzarello has been crafting a compelling and imaginative mythos in this series that takes all the best things from Greek mythology (i.e. monsters, deceit, epic fight scenes, and baby daddy drama) and puts a modern spin on them. This issue is no different as we spend some time in this issue with classic Greek mythology characters such as Dionysus (“Dio” for short), Artemis and the Minotaur. While these modern interpretations are interesting and compelling the real star of this series (outside of Wonder Woman of course) is Zeus’s First Born. The tension between the First Born and the pantheon of Olympus climbs to new heights and an explosive finale is inevitable. The art team of Cliff Chiang and Matthew Wilson bring this whimsical yet savage world to life with their use of bold colors and line-work to accentuate facial details and movement during action scenes.  

Wonder Woman #28 Interior

Downs: On its own this issue was somewhat lacking in plot. The majority of the issue is spent of exposition and set-up for future issues. While there is definitely a climax and some action throughout this issue, there weren’t really any defining moments in it aside from the ending. 

Overall: Chiang and Wilson made this issue a pleasure to look at and Azzarello continued to expand his new mythology. While this issue was a little slow it did set up some important plot points and it built tension towards the larger narrative of the series. The issue includes some great interaction between the gods and other mythological characters and the cliffhanger at the end will be sure to get you pumped for the next issue.

Grade: 4 of 5

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