X-Men #10 Review

X-Men V4 #10 - Page 1Writer: Brian Wood

Artist: Kris Anka/Clay Mann

Colorist: Jason Keith/Paul Mounts


Monet recovers from her battle with Amora and rejoins the rest of the X-Men to continue tracking down the rest of the Sisterhood. Meanwhile, the Sisterhood begins to set in motion a new plan involving two extremely dangerous mutants.
The Ups: This issue of x-men marks the start of a new arc in the series and does a decent job of telling a small recap, from the perspective of Ana Cortes a.k.a. Lady Deathstrike, that is fairly informative to someone, like myself, who is relatively new to the series and only knows the bare bones of its structure. The dialogue done by writer Brian Wood has a good mixture of teen frustration coupled with a strong sense of urgency. The art and colors team do a good job of complimenting each other and really brings life to the pages.
X-Men V4 #10 - Page 4The Downs: Throughout the book there are transitions from one group and location to another group and location that is done through the sentence of one character being completed by a different character on the next page talking about something different. Just as hard as that was to put in words and confusing it sounds, that’s exactly how it feels when it is being read. Furthermore, the banter that Wood implements seems to be a little out of place seeing as how the nature of the crisis and enemy they face is supposed to be devastating, but the characters don’t seem to take it seriously enough.
Overall: The issue has a very complex and intriguing story that is backed by great art and color and is sure to lead up to a very compelling end. However the issue seems to be all over the place with misplaced dialogue and confusing exposition that doesn’t make complete sense until the end and may requiring a second reading.
Grade 3 of 5

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