Ms. Marvel #1 Review

Ms  Marvel #1 - Page 1Writer: G. Willow Wilson

Artist: Adrian Alphona

Colorist: Ian Herring


Kamala Khan is a young Pakistani teenager who spends most of her time dealing with her crazy family, obsessing over the Avengers, and above all trying to fit in. Little does she know she is about to become the next Ms. Marvel…

The Ups: This book certainly has guts. Its tone, writing style, and art style are all radically different from what we see in traditional super-hero comics, but all these differences blend together to create a very personal experience. All the artwork and dialogue was designed with the express purpose of introducing us to Kamala and making sure we understand who she is. Wilson writes each character with such a distinct voice which makes the dialogue flow naturally. The art is over-the-top and has a lot of movement and exaggeration to it which adds personality and life to the characters. Everything in this issue becomes caricatured because it’s viewed through Kamala’s eyes and experiencing the events of this story through her perspective makes it easy to understand her.

Ms  Marvel #1 - Page 4The Downs: This issue is anything but traditional. Readers expecting a conventional super-hero comic may be disappointed, this book enters a territory that most super-hero comics haven’t gone before and enjoying this issue will require you to accept that this book won’t be like anything else in the genre.

Overall: Even though this origin story isn’t finished yet it already has all the fundamental elements of one. Immediately we’re introduced to Kamala who feels trapped in her life and yearns for something greater. This is something every comic-book fan can relate to and her story really hits home. This issue is unconventional in many different ways, but if you keep an open mind this issue is a great read for what it is.

Grade 5 of 5

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