The Punisher #1 Review

The Punisher #1 - Page 1Writer: Nathan Edmondson

Artist: Mitch Gerards

Colorist: Mitch Gerards


The Punisher is back in his own brand new series. Frank Castle wages war on an L.A. drug cartel. Warning: this comic contains guns, more guns, and copious amounts of badassery.

The Ups: This series is definitely off to a great start, right off the bat we know what the Punisher is doing and we know he means business. Nathan Edmondson writes Punisher with the grit and determination of a Hollywood action hero while still giving him that familiar cold logic that motivates him. It’s truly amazing how fast Nathan Edmondson introduces the character and gets right into the action. Mitch Gerard’s art is fantastic in this issue. Gerard’s art uses thick line work and strong defined colors. This turns everything into a very pure experience, the action and explosions and violence all get distilled and purified which keeps the reader emotionally invested in the art.

The Punisher #1 - Page 4The Downs: The only downside to this issue is that I’m reminded that the Punisher doesn’t get used in enough books.

Overall: This issue is a great example of how you start a comic series. In the first few pages you immediately understand what type of person Frank Castle is and a few pages after that you know what he’s trying to accomplish. Everything past that is pure entertainment. The action is exciting, Castle’s inner monologue is insightful and revealing, and of course there are some great quips and one-liners. Stop reading this review and go read Punisher.

Grade 5 of 5

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