Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1 Review

Batman - Joker's Daughter #1 - Page 1Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Meghan Hetrick

Colorist: Michelle Madsen


A strange girl known only as “Joker’s Daughter” comes upon her “father’s crown” and takes it into her own hands to make a name for herself begin the life she was always meant to live.

The Ups: I do strongly believe that the introduction of Daughter could have been done in a more superb way. Writer Marguerite Bennett does a tremendously good job on Daughter’s narration throughout the book. She perfectly captures the sheer insanity and sense of uneasiness that comes with Joker’s unique brand of psychosis and blends it expertly with a bit of teen angst and a longing to be something more than a regular person. The story that is set up for us by this issue is a strange and twisted version of what you might expect a coming of age story to be except Daughter’s distinct personality is thrown in. The character is very reminiscent of Joker himself in the fact that she is both resourceful and psychotic ruthless to boot coupled with a drive to do WHATEVER is necessary to get what she wants. But because she is still different from the Joker in her own right it is refreshing to see such a rare personality portrayed in a different light. The artist and colorist, Meghan Hetrick and Michelle Madsen respectively, do a spectacular job of combining Bennett’s writing with great images that show how gritty and dirty Daughter’s life is and in turn how she is but also making her stand out in the crowd at the same time.

Batman - Joker's Daughter #1 - Page 4The Downs: I have nothing bad to say about this issue. The only bad thing would be if this turned out to be a just a one-shot…Please, let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

Overall: This book is great start to a hopefully long running series where we can see a villain similar to the Joker start from nothing and slowly build themselves up to a standard worthy of the attention of someone like Batman. The story is truly akin to novel about a child who only wants to be accepted and noticed but takes a very violent twist the sends shudders down the spine and leave us all wanting a lot more.

Grade 5 of 5

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