Wolverine #1 Review

Wolverine V6 #1 - Page 1Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist: Ryan Stegman

Inker/Colorist: Mark Morales/David Curiel


“Okay! Just don’t say it! Fastball special! Nobody listens.”

After a virus stole his healing factor and a near death experience in a battle against Sabertooth, Logan has claimed “The Wolverine is dead.” Now mortal, Logan needs to think of new ways to fight and learn how to now not only live for himself but the ones around him who care about him.

The Ups: I am not the biggest Wolverine fan, mostly due to the fact that he’s everywhere, but Cornell has given me a story about a long time character that I actually can see myself enjoying. Seeing as they are sticking to the fact the Logan lost his healing factor in Uncanny Avengers, we get to see a man struggling with the fact that he is no longer immortal and that everyone around him is treating him like a completely broken man. This bring such a different dynamic to Wolverine since we are always used to just seeing him go out, hurt people, get hurt and move on. Cornell hits every key point on the head on how Logan reacts to his new life, what he does in order to make himself just as deadly in battle, and how the people around him are reacting to the changes that have happened to him making this a more much “real” kind of read. Stegman is completely on point with his drawings, making Logan look as tough as ever but also being able to give such wonderful facial expressions to show the emotional pain he is going through in certain scenes only adding to the wonderful story. Morales and Curiel bring some powerful colors helping set the mood from light and bright fight scenes to grim and dark emotional scenes making this issue an overall knockout.

Wolverine V6 #1 - Page 4The Downs: Nothing wrong here.

Overall: Cornell is quite possibly going to make me a fan of Wolverine if the story continues on the deep level it started out with. With the sick artwork from all parties making this a visual treat to look at Wolverine #1 is a nice starting point for any fan and a fresh new start to such an established and well loved character.

Grade 5 of 5

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