Forever Evil #5 Review

Forever Evil #5 - Page 1Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: David Finch

Inker/Colorist: Richard Friend/Sonia Oback


“Uh, Batman? They’re in charge.”

After Batman’s attempt to draw power from the fear ring to battle Power Ring caused something unexpected to happen, the return of Sinestro! With Deathstroke’s team coming as back up to help Power Ring, can Batman, Luthor and his team put a stop to them in order to stop the Syndicate?!

The Ups: One thing this issue did not lack was action and boy was there a lot of it. Even though I find it funny that Deathstroke and his small team of villains have been in almost every Forever Evil tie-in book, and seemingly be defeated by the heroes of that story except for Deathstroke, it still provided good action all around and made for an interesting turn of events for one fan favorite character. The return of Sinestro was very well done even though Johns, during his Green Lantern finale, made it seem like Sinestro decided to leave everything behind to be alone in deep space but yet still came back because Batman activated a fear ring. While I was very excited to see Batman use the ring last issue and I wish it lasted a little longer than a page or two, having Sinestro back was great more so since Hal is off doing his own thing and it made perfect sense for the two ring wielders to battle. The art team do a wonderful job on this issue, especially during the fight between Sinestro and Power Ring. If we can get wonderfully drawn battles like this in future issues of this story line we are all in for a treat!

Forever Evil #5 - Page 8The Downs: The series seems to go up and down a lot with the advancement of the story. Here we got to see how the group going against the Syndicate forms but nothing to show what is really going on. I feel there’s a lot of story still left to be told and hopefully it’s told nicely within the next two issues and not just thrown at us all at once.

Overall: Solid action packed issue that lacked on a good chance to tell some story. We are coming to the end of the main story and we’ve been promised a huge change in the world of DC so the next two months will be interesting for all of us to keep reading!

Grade 3 of 5

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