Forever Evil #4 Review

Forever Evil #4 - Page 1

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: David Finch

Inker/Colorist: Richard Friend/Sonia Oback


“Power level low, recharge necessary. Oh, no, NO! I won’t do it. Recharge necessary you idiot.”

Luthor has brought together a group of powerful enemies of the Justice League with hopes of saving the planet from the Crime Syndicate. Little do they know Batman and Catwoman have survived the encounter with the Syndicate and are plotting their own plan to save the world. With tensions building within the Syndicate and Ultraman only getting stronger, does the resistance even stand a chance or will the Syndicate destroy itself first?

The Ups: After three story heavy issues, Johns kicks everything into high gear in the halfway point of the crossover event. Johns has done such an amazing job in writing Power Ring for this issue as he stood out above all the rest. His freak out with Grid was flat out hilarious and it shows the Johns isn’t just writing the Syndicate as just simple opposites of the League, but also giving us a reason to like and appreciate the villains for a change. The plot is definitely starting to come together as we find out a lot of secrets each of the major characters were hiding, who is planning on betraying who in the Syndicate, and Luthor and Bizarro sharing a tender moment. Finch, Friend and Oback all shine in this issue with their artwork especially towards the end, the details and coloring seem to have been kicked up a notch from the last few issues giving a wonderful views of the action, an awesome surprise trick that Batman pulls, and an appearance from a well love character.

Forever Evil #4 - Page 5

The Downs: All good here.

Overall: I believe this is the start to the story we have come to expect from Geoff Johns, with the plot slowly being revealed but then riddled with more interesting questions is keeping me pulled in. I will say the ending alone was completely worth the past few months of heavy story telling and reading it put a big nerdy excited smile on my face, making this issue my pick of the week.

Grade 5 of 5

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