This is the epic conclusion to one of the best summer events! The Armor Hunters will take the war to Unity. The battle rages on without the X-O Manowar! Can Aric find his will to join the battle again and end the threat against Earth? or Will the Armor Hunters destroy what’s left of it ?! Hold on to your hats because the answers all lie here!

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #5 Review

After defeating the Green Goblin, Miles and the supposed “Peter Parker”, who has seemingly returned from the dead, are surrounded by the police and held at gun point. No one has any clue as to how the Green Goblin or the original Spider-man have come back but, everything in Miles’ life is slowly turning inside out as everything he thought he knew comes crashing down on top of him…

Inhuman #5 Review


That’s right! 2 issues this month! Jason and Dante spend sometime together and Jason talks about the moments leading up to his transformation. The Unspoken, former King of Attilan, has made Medusa a proposal she can’t refuse or can she?! But what is the former King’s real goal? and can Medusa get to the bottom of this before she loses everything? Also in this issue a new Inhuman!

Death of Wolverine #2 Review


After finding out he has a hit out on him, Logan sets out to confront the person behind all the trouble coming to him lately. When he learns it’s his old love Viper, Logan sets out to Madripoor to settle the score once and for all.

Archer & Armstrong #24 Review


Mary-Maria Archer is a deadly assassin who is really good at kicking some butt. But there’s a much deeper story that lead her to the life she now leads, and we are going to dive into her past to find out. Also the return of the series original artist Clayton Henry!

Saga #22 Review


Dengo went on an one man murderous rampage leading to the death of Prince Robot IV’s wife and the kidnapping of his son. Elsewhere the rift between Marko and Alana is becoming worse, as Marko seems to be having an affair with another woman and Alana is becoming a drug addict thanks to her co-workers. All with poor Hazel stuck in the middle.

Fantastic Four #9 Review

With the lives and careers of the Fantastic Four in shambles, some may say the chain of events that have turned their world upside down is more than just coincidence and these pitfalls surround the Four may be orchestrated by an outside force…Reed and Sue find greener pastures in a place called New Eden where all things are geared towards making the world a better place as Johnny and Ben continue to reel in the wake of the occurrences that have torn down everything they hold dear.

Sex Criminals #7 Review

After Jon realized his mental issues are causing problems between him and Suzie, as well as ruining his health. Jon has decided that he is not going to let his paranoia caused by the Sex Police get to him any longer and decided to take the fight to them. Little does Jon know, he’s about to find a secret that will change the situation drastically.

Godzilla: Cataclysm #1 Review

It has been twenty years since the world ended at the hands of monsters and every single one have them has vanished since then. The human race is all but extinct forced to live in the post-apocalyptic ruins of their most famous cities. Scavenging and hunting are the only means of survival but, there is much more to worry about in the barren wasteland that is Earth than starvation…