Inhuman #5 Review


That’s right! 2 issues this month! Jason and Dante spend sometime together and Jason talks about the moments leading up to his transformation. The Unspoken, former King of Attilan, has made Medusa a proposal she can’t refuse or can she?! But what is the former King’s real goal? and can Medusa get to the bottom of this before she loses everything? Also in this issue a new Inhuman!

Inhuman #4 Review


The truth behind the Black Bolt’s release of the Terrigen Mists have been revealed and it’s up to Medusa to continue his plan while caring for her people. Thor makes a visit to the Inhuman’s new home Attilan and gets accustom to the rules of the Inhumans. Get ready to meet the NuHuman (New Inhuman) Reader who has quite the powerful ability but whose side is he on? and introducing new series artist Ryan Stegman!

Old Friends & New Foes – Your New Look at INHUMAN #4!

Marvel is pleased to present your new look at INHUMAN #4, from critically acclaimed creators Charles Soule and Ryan Stegman! Inhumans are being hunted across the globe, snatched up by those who would use their powers for ill. As Medusa struggles to rebuild the Inhuman kingdom from her new seat of power in New Attlian,…