Superman/Wonder Woman #4 Review

Superman-Wonder Woman #4 - Page 1Writer: Charles Soule

Artist/Cover: Tony Daniel & Paulo Siqueira/Tony Daniel

Inker/Colorist: BATT/Tomeu Morey & Hi-Fi


The secret is out! Superman and Wonder Woman are dating and the worlds know thanks to Clarkatropolis! Superman has to deal with the ramifications of this and figure out the mystery behinds Doomsday. Wonder Woman explores her expectations and the future of her relationship. Plus Zod is up to his own tricks again for the sake of love?

The Ups: I must warn you, that if you are a writer and you miss an issue don’t be surprise to see Charles Soules writing your book now! The man writes everything. This series has become the leading example of what a Superman book should be like. Soules focuses on how Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s view of their existence on Earth. This is definitely a hot button topic with these two because it is where they differ a lot. This could create doubts in their relationship. You’ll also see Superman’s duality personality. The back story shows Clark concern about the news breaking out from his own business. You see him be a reporter in order to gauge the effect of this news which is a welcoming aspect of the character. I wanted to see more of that. As Superman he is all about keep Zod in check and displaying his power. There are a lot of personal exploration from almost everyone this issue even Zod! I am believe that with all the books Daniels has drawn, this is where he was meant to be. He shines bright this issue with top quality art. The details of his pencils are precise and tight even those smaller scenes. His strength comes from the splash page of Superman almost coming off the page. I really enjoyed see the many faces of Zod. His expressions this issue are plentiful. Siqueira drew the back up which had his own kind realistic likeness. Having him draw the back up was a nice touch and enjoyable to see. The color team come out with strong and vibrant colors that should be admired.

Superman-Wonder Woman #4 - Page 6The Downs: There is a lack of Wonder Woman this issue. She was in a few panels and a page or two. I was hoping to get more on Wonder Woman and see her personality this issue. With how this story ended the possibility of getting what I asked for is quite likely.

Overall: Soule can do no wrong so far. Lots of personal exploration and character development that sets up the upcoming events. Daniel and Siqueira are a super team on pencils with a great job by their colorists. This issue had emotions and action with a well paced story. Pick this issue up for a great read!

Grade 4 of 5

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