Superior Spider-Man Inhumanity #1 Review

Superior Spiderman Inhumanity #1 CoverWriter: Christos Gage

Artist: Stephanie Hans

Colorist: Stephanie Hans


Superior Spider-Man assists in rescuing people from the aftermath of the destruction of Attilan. After the detonation of the Terrigen bomb anyone could be an inhuman and pose a threat to those around them.

The Ups: This issue told a nice self contained story and we get a good look at who Superior Spider-Man really is when he’s not just beating up criminals. Christos Gage puts Superior Spidey in a unique situation that really explores the intricacy of his morals, and the plot really showcases how Otto has changed since becoming Superior Spider-Man. The art in this issue was also refreshingly different and was drawn with a water color aesthetic where very light outlines were used which gave most of the figures have a calmer page presence, but made it easier to highlight other figures and lighting effects.

Superior Spiderman Inhumanity #1 InteriorThe Downs: The story is very self contained and really only affects Superior Spider-Man. Not much is done in this issue to advance the Inhumanity event, and Superior Spider-Man doesn’t really come out of this issue changed either. If you’re not particularly interested in Superior Spider-Man or if you’re only interested in the Inhumanity arc itself you could probably skip this one.

Overall: The issue told a good story about Superior Spider-Man in the context of Inhumanity but didn’t really advance the plot of anything. The issue is worth reading if you’re a fan of Superior Spiderman but as far as event tie-in books go this one isn’t a mandatory read.

Grade 3 of 5

4 thoughts on “Superior Spider-Man Inhumanity #1 Review

  1. Stephanie Hans is a fantastic artist. Her painted style is gorgeous. I hope Marvel keeps giving her work. Her style obviously takes her a while, which is why she usually does covers rather than interiors. But Marvel has had her do a few interiors here and there, and I hope they keep her at it.

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