Inhuman #5 Review

4087876-05Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Ryan Stegman

Colorist: Marte Gracia


That’s right! 2 issues this month! Jason and Dante spend sometime together and Jason talks about the moments leading up to his transformation. The Unspoken, former King of Attilan, has made Medusa a proposal she can’t refuse or can she?! But what is the former King’s real goal? and can Medusa get to the bottom of this before she loses everything? Also in this issue a new Inhuman!

The Ups: Charles Soule gives us a more story driven issue this time around. Soule tells us the story of Jason’s last moments before being hit with the Terrigen Mist. It is a tragic story the shows us what happens to his family and I got a bit teary eyed. We also see a bit of character progression with Dante also know as Inferno. He embraces being a nuhuman more and seems like he wants to give nuhumans the same opportunities he got from Medusa. It is a trait that has drawn my interest to the character and I am glad to see that he is coping better. Medusa is becoming a more prominent player in the Marvel Universe with each issue. She has command on power that is displayed in her body language. There is a panel where she is sitting on the throne with a slight slouch and not showing any interest or weakness towards the Unspoken. The Games of Throne iron throne would suit her well just saying. Soule nails the dialogue between Medusa and the Unspoken as they have a verbal battle involving lies and insults. It was an entertaining exchange of words. Soule introduces a new nuhuman that I can easily say will become another favorite. My previous review mention the story structure as a minor flaw but it worked out better this issue.

Ryan Stegman continues where he left off on art. I can easily say that this is one of his best art works. His lines and inks continue to be clean and he is definitely pushing himself to the next level. I mentioned Medusa’s body language earlier and Stegman displays her power through her body such as her posture on the throne. He is doing a great job expressing the facial expressions and the levity of this series. Marte Gracia colors are also great this issue. He uses black, white, and grey on the Jason’s flashback scenes which was good way to distinguish this part of the story from the present parts. The colors used in the Jason reemergence page was a great idea that really captures that moment.

The Downs: Not a thing!

Overall: Soule tells a story driven issue that is entertaining and with a sense of fun. We got to learn more on the nuhuman Jason and more reason to like Medusa. The art team is stellar and delivers a great looking issue. I can’t stress this enough, if you’re looking for something new in the superhero department then this creative team has got you covered!

Grade 5 of 5

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