Inhuman #4 Review

INHUM2014004_DC11_LRWriter: Charles Soule

Artist: Ryan Stegman

Colorist: Marte Gracia


The truth behind Black Bolt’s release of the Terrigen Mists have been revealed and it’s up to Medusa to continue his plan while caring for her people. Thor makes a visit to the Inhuman’s new home Attilan and gets accustom to the rules of the Inhumans. Get ready to meet the NuHuman (New Inhuman) Reader who has a powerful ability but whose side is he on? and introducing new series artist Ryan Stegman!

The Ups: Charles Soule continues to build the the strange and mystical word of Inhumans. He continues to introduce new players in his story such as Reader. He is a blind man with the ability to make what he says come true with the help of braille cards. He also has a dog as his companion that is tied into Reader’s ability and you’ll have to read this issue to find out. He has quickly become my favorite Inhuman along side Medusa. There is one scene which he stops an assault and walks through it calmly like he owns the place. A great character creation on behalf of Soule and new artist Ryan Stegman. I definitely enjoy how Soule write Medusa in this issue and the series. Thor visit and she knows he is not there just to say hello. She has a queen’s presence that pours out the pages and Soule has a great handle on the character. There are more developments on new characters like Lineage, Jason, and another NuHuman that will feed your curiosity on these characters. All of this combines to an interesting ending that may see a new king sitting next to Medusa! Soule leave me wanting more and that’s exactly what he is suppose to do.

It is Stegman’s first issue on Inhuman and you can immediately see that he has brought his A game. The first thing I immediately noticed is the inking. Stegman is inking his own art again since his first couple of issues of Superior Spider-man and there is improvement. He has definitely developed his inking as it complements his heavier lines better. The lines are popping out more and are much cleaner which suits his art. The art in the issue is elevated to another level by Marte Gracia. His background colors are subtle while his character colors are more vibrant which helps pull your focus towards the characters more.

The Downs: The structure of the story feels a little scattered. You’ll notice after 3 pages of Reader’s story it switches to Medusa’s story. The issue continues to flow this way throughout and it feels like the story is interrupting itself. I found it a little distracting.

Overall: Soule continues to introduce the players of his story. I know some people are worried about how the story is developing but I feel that he is almost done placing all his characters. These new characters are fun and interesting which will keep you reading along with the fantastic art of Stegman and Gracia. The dialogue between Medusa and Thor alone is enough to raise your interest into the Inhumans. If you are looking for that creator own feeling with a Marvel twist then don’t miss out on Inhuman!

Grade 4 of 5

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