Silver Surfer #2 Review

Silver Surfer #2 - Page 1Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Michael Allred

Colorist: Laura Allred


Silver Surfer has become involved with the creatures of the wacky ship, Impericon and has been forced to become their champion. Dawn was pulled out of her closed confined world and used as a tool to force Surfer to fight against the threat looming over the Impericon, but is there more to the meeting of Surfer and Dawn than they both realize?

The Ups: I am once again taken on the funky old school adventure that is the Silver Surfer, it’s like an amusement park ride I actually want to be on and this is coming from the guy who hates roller coasters. Slott gives us a good understanding of Dawn’s purpose in this series and a little more on of her overall connection with Surfer. She is not just a simple damsel in distress and shows a lot of bravery as she tries to understand the situation shes put in, all while Surfer confronts a cosmic being who might just be misunderstood and wrongfully accused. Slott is developing an interesting dynamic with Dawn and Surfer. They both seems to show each other their strengths and unique traits which is something we have yet to see from Surfer. The Allred’s bring a fresh take on the old school art style with a real crazy yet fitting abstract feel. Last issue I was taken aback by the overall design of the Impericon, this time it’s the friendly and talkative aliens that Dawn runs into that intrigues me. I always enjoy when artists are able to just draw these ugly but sorta cute, and unique aliens at will that fits the series art style. This is truly an artistic acid trip but in the best way possible. Laura Allred brings all of this to life, with her unique blend of colors that are straight out of the 60’s and 70’s that is the icing on the cake for this funky space adventure.

Silver Surfer #2 - Page 5The Downs: I’m enjoying this issue too much to find anything wrong with it.

Overall: Slott and the Allred’s once again bring me to a new level of thinking with this month’s Silver Surfer. With the influence Slott pulls from his love of Doctor Who and the Allred’s old funky art style, Silver Surfer is turning out to be much better than I had hoped for.

Grade 5 of 5

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