Arrow S2E21 Review

Arrow_Season2Directed by: Michael Shultz

Written by: Holly Harold

Cast: Stephen Amell/Katie Cassidy/David Ramsey/Willa Holland/Emily Bett Rickards/Paul Blackthrone/Kevin Alejandro/Summer Glau/Caity Lotz/Colin Salmon/Cynthia Addai-Robinson


After Moria decided to take a stand and do whatever she could to become mayor and bring together her broken family, Slade made sure that did not happen by making Oliver choice between Moria or Thea. Moria, once again coming to the aid of her children sacrificed herself in order for Thea and Oliver to live. How will Oliver and Thea deal with this lost and who is that last person that Slade said needed to die before his rampage ends?!

The Ups: As the season is coming close to it’s finale and the battle with Deathstroke looming closer, the show has picked up significantly but has decided to take a slower pace this time around. This episode did a good amount, but also well needed, set up for the ending of the season. With Oliver and Thea dealing with the death of their mother, Sebastian Blood assuming the role of mayor, and Laurel discovering secrets on her own behind the scenes, the build up towards the finale is coming together to be a strong one. Shultz does a great job bringing the out the emotion is this episode without coming off too strong, and for me the standout character this time around was Emily Bett Rickards. She played on a lot of different emotions throughout but each other she played perfectly, especially during a funny interrogation scene with her and David Ramsey, bring a more pleasant and lighthearted scene in a very dark episode (not to mention I have a ridiculous crush on her.) The action, while little of it, picked up towards the end of the episode and with two episodes left, Shultz let a lot of the secondary characters shine such as Felicity, Laurel and Blood all while giving us some great build up for what I’m hoping to be an even bigger ending than the first season.

arrowThe Downs: What normally is for me the more interesting part of the show, this weeks island sequence was very weak and didn’t do anything to push the episode. Harold wrote the theme of the episode to be about sacrifice and heroism, and while it played off well for a small part in the island sequence, I felt it was unnecessary for Oliver to once again question himself being a hero. Yes, it’s completely understandable for someone to lose their conviction when they lose a family member, but I feel like they already had Oliver go through this exact same thing in the beginning of the season while he was still dealing with the death of Tommy. I was for a more strong showing from Oliver, but at least it gave Laurel a way to be a bigger part of the story coming to an end.

Overall: A solid but slow episode leading to the much anticipated season finale. There was a good amount of build up but some strange writing choices made especially with Oliver. With two episodes left, I can only hope we have bigger surprises in store and the previews already have me dieing for next week to come!

Grade 3 of 5

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