Silver Surfer #1 Review

Silver Surfer #1 - Page 1Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Michael Allred

Colorist: Laura Allred


“Okay. I have absolutely no idea who that is.”

Silver Surfer, the once follower of the evil Galactus, now the cosmic being looking to make good for his crimes against all life. Normally Surfer goes on his journey’s alone but he is about to be tied to a dangerous situation and a young woman who are about to show the Surfer things even he has never seen or experienced before.

The Ups: It was interesting to see what Slott was going to bring to the table that is not Spider-Man, and I found myself pleasantly surprised. The feel I get from the story is redemption, being the in the past Surfer was allied with Galactus, you see Surfer helping whoever he may in order to give back for his sins. The aspect of the story was the interesting to me was the addition of Dawn and what her role is going to be, granted we know next to nothing about her and what he involvement is going to be but I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting dynamic. Being that Slott is a huge Dr. Who buff, I can see Surfer coming off a lot like the 11th Doctor, in the way he acts and speaks but all that is still yet to be seen it’s just the feeling I am getting, all which could be a new twist to this classic character. Mr. and Mrs. Allred do a fantastic job in their visuals of the far reaches of space, but I really loved the design for the Impericon, the planet looked like something straight out of Katamari Damacy and the King of the Cosmos would be proud. The art and color style is very unique and unlike anything going on right now but it helps bring out the upbeat story Slott is telling.

Silver Surfer #1 - Page 6The Downs: My only real problem with the issue is, as a reader who really doesn’t know much of Surfers history or personality outside of once being connected to Galactus, Slott did very little to make me care about Surfer and why he is who he is. The odd thing to me was towards the end of the story, Surfer became extremely angry and violent out of nowhere, when it seemed he was all about being calm and peace.

Overall: This was a very solid start to a new series with a lot of potential. If you’re a fan of Slott like me, know he will deliver and with Michael and Laura Allred doing the visuals, I believe this is going to be the new must read of the year.

Grade 4 of 5



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