Iron Patriot #1 Review

Iron Patriot #1 - Page 1Writer: Ales Kot

Artist: Garry Brown

Colorist: Jim Charalampidis


James Rupert Rhodes, more popularly known as “Rhodey”, has now taken on the mantel of the Iron Patriot and has sworn to serve and protect his country and citizens of it…

The Ups: One of the most intriguing things in this issue and something that really captivated me personally was the combination of Jim Charalampidis’s colors and Garry Brown’s artwork. Together both of these artist give the comic a very unique tone that is reminiscent of a cell-shaded video game whereas the art has more texture and feels like you can reach into the page and tough the characters. In addition to all of this, the writing of Ales Kot is a type that allows the reader to dive deeper into the minds of each character without giving away too much from the story or boring us with excessive amounts of detail. Lastly, the thing about this book that makes one pick it up with intrigue and take a look through it is the extremely alluring cover. Once again Charalampidis’s colors play a heavy roles here and the spiral has almost hypnotic intent with a purpose to draw you in.

The Downs: The overall story or exposition of any sort for this first arc is almost nonexistent. Ales Kot hints a sort of hidden enemy or menace that is making moves behind the scenes (as so many villains do these days) both in the beginning of the book and towards the middle but, the book jumps around too much for anyone to properly interpret anything.

Overall: Even though this issue does tend to be a little confusing, it is, after all, the first issue in this series and I for one am still positive that Kot, Brown, and Charalampidis know what they are doing and have some good stuff planned for the future.

Grade 4 of 5

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