Quotes of the Week #3

Welcome to Quotes of the Week #3!


All-New_Ghost_Rider_Vol_1_5ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #5

Writer: Felipe Smith

Artist: Tradd Moore

Colorist: Val Staples

“Some people require TIME and PATIENCE to find their way. Reprimanding them is not always the solution, Robbie…Can I count on you to bring about PROGRESS? To use the power within you to IGNITE CHANGE in your community?” – Daniel Wakeford

We all know Robbie’s substitute teacher, Mr. Wakeford, had no idea that Robbie was inhabited by a mystical spirit when he told him this but the words stuck with him no matter what. The words “time” and “patience” are the keys to a hero’s success. They never try to rush things or get them done without thinking things through first because that would only create more problems. “Progress” is what heroes strive for and igniting change is what they stand for. A hero doesn’t go out for revenge or personal gain but fights for those who can’t fight for themselves. Despite Eli whispering in his ear, Robbie remembers and will probably always remember the words his teacher said as he continues to understand and how to use his new abilities.

JUSTL-Cv32-ds-53d673d1c8cdc3-17064567-0c2e5JUSTICE LEAGUE #32

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Doug Mahnke

Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse

“I want you to set a FIRE that can be SEEN from across the MULTIVERSE. A BEACON that will lead the BEING who destroyed MY world to YOURS. HE NEEDS SUPERWOMAN’S CHILD.” – Volthoom

The words of a very angry and vengeful ring from another universe are not to EVER be taken lightly. Volthoom wishes to cause unspeakable horrors and destruction in order to call forth an entity that destroyed his universe. While reading these lines about a being with this much power my mind instantly thought of Darkseid or Galactus. The millions that will die and the havoc that will be wrought is something that even makes me a little scared while reading it. The biggest question is, what does Superwoman’s child have to do with it? This may be a stretch of the imagination but being that Superwoman was part of the Crime Syndicate and is meant to bear a child to destroy the universe, perhaps the creative team is leaning towards a sort of biblical influence and a possible apocalypse in the near future. However, it’s just a theory.

300px-Cyclops_Vol_3_3CYCLOPS #3

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Russell Dauterman

Colorist: Chris Sotomayor

“I don’t need that when you’ve got a MONTH to live and we’re stranded on Gilligan’s planet and I’m a million light years from HOME. I don’t need it when I finally get a FATHER and he’s a DEAD MAN WALKING.” – Scott

After enduring a near fatal crash landing on a, so far uninhabited, planet and realizing that his father is only kept alive by a nano-machine serum he needs to inject at least every three days, Scott is on the brink of teen angst. He almost explodes on his father and releases everything he has been feeling in the panels leading up to this quote. His words are ones with real weight and shows that all Scott wants in his life now is to have as much of a family as possible after losing everyone he knew and coming face to face with his future. Maybe Greg Rucka is trying to tell us that family is something Scott will never be able to truly achieve and instead he must fight for his people like his future self is. Perhaps this is just a different road to the same destination.

300px-Iron_Patriot_Vol_1_5IRON PATRIOT #5

Writer: Ales Kot

Artist: Garry Brown

Colorist: Jim Charalampidis

“You understood, James.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I said you should ALWAYS BE THERE for YOUR PEOPLE. That you should always BE KIND to your people.”

“Yeah. You meant US. FAMILY.”

“It’s funny. You say something but subconsciously you know a different thing is true. Your acts show your true colors…No, I didn’t mean just family, son. I meant EVERYONE in this whole wide world.” – Terrence Rhodes speaking to his son James in his dream

After his father died saving his life, Rhodey is lost and unsure what to do with himself for the next few days. At the funeral, he recalls a dream he had where his father reiterated to him something he told him long ago. Rhodey always felt that his father did not like him helping the world and wanted him closer to home, which is true. Although, his father did understand that James is a hero and hero’s need to stand up as a beacon of hope for everyone. Rhodey had forgotten that for a long time and it took his father’s death for him to remember that. Rhodey will never forget it again because the people of the world deserve to receive the same protection that his father gave to him even if it means giving up his life; That is what heroes do.


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