Iron Patriot #2 Review

Iron Patriot #2 coverWriter: Ales Kot

Artist: Garry Brown

Colorist: Jim Charalampidis


The Iron Patriot a.k.a James Rhodes is slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean with no way out, while on the surface the United States is being systematically attacked by a group of terrorists who even go so far as to target James’s family. But soon, Rhodey’s family will be the least of his worries as he is met face to face with the harbinger of these acts of destruction…

The Ups: I believe the best thing about this issue is how in particular scenes there is no dialogue, only images that help to propel that moment in the story to different heights. The lack of distracting word bubbles, coupled with Garry Brown’s and Jim Charalampidis’s artwork and colors respectively, delivers a much more emotional connection and a feeling of almost desperation as Rhodey swims to the surface before his lungs collapse and he succumbs to the abyss. One thing Ales Kot does to truly give the story scale is showcase damage done by this terrorist on a country wide level while Rhodey is just a speck, helpless to do anything, and it is a very scary experience not only for the characters but also for us the readers to think about. Garry Brown and Jim Charalampidis continue to work effeciently together again and recreate the same tremendous cell shaded look that better emphasizes the realism in the world and characters but also creates heavier shadows that almost feel alive when looked at.

Iron Patriot #2 pageThe Downs: Once again, not to slander Ales Kot’s writing in any way, the story in this issue is almost non-existent. Rhodey is faced with a terrorist group who’s “plan” seems too ambiguous and vague to actually make any sense and the so called “attacks” done by the group seem like nothing more than rampant amounts of destruction. The book lacks any real story elements such as exposition or climax and simply goes from point A to point B a little too fast for anyone to be able to really grasp what’s happening unless you read each page twice and even if you do, it still comes off strange.

Overall: I must say that these first two issues of the new Iron Patriot aren’t really anything to get too excited over. I, for one, am not very confident in where Kot, Brown, and Charalampidis are going with this series as of right now but maybe it’s too early to tell. I am willing to read and review this whole first arc to see where this comic can go but more importantly where the creators are willing to take it. Rhodey and characters like him who are often living in the shadow of someone else always hold a dear place in my heart and for him to get his own series is what truly intrigued me. In the end all I can say is that I am intrigued but I am still waiting for something big to happen that truly keeps me tied in.

Grade 2 of 5

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