Superior Spider-Man #31 Series Finale Review

Superior Spider-Man #31 - Page 1Writers: Dan Slott/Christos Gage

Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Inkers/Colorist: John Dell/Terry Pallot/Antonio Fabela


“What can I say? I woke up feeling like a new man.”

After being completely defeated by the Green Goblin, Otto realized that he cannot win. Meanwhile Peter finally escaped the depths of Otto’s memories to see New York in complete ruin. At this moment Otto saw that Peter would have been able to prevent this and that he is the true Superior Spider-Man. Otto decided the best course of action was to give back Peter’s body in order to save the day, sacrificing himself in the process. But before he left, Otto made Peter promise to save Anna Maria, the one person he truly cared for in this world, and with that re-enter Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man!

The Ups: After this long, emotional, and action packed series, we have reached the end of the Superior Spider-Man. I for one am extremely sad to see it go. Over the past two years Slott and Gage have built up a story about the grand rise and epic fall of the most unlikely hero ever, Otto Octavis. The Superior Spider-Man was everything the Amazing Spider-Man was not and that is what made it great. Otto was a jerk and got the job done in many creative ways but were not always effective solutions. The entire Goblin Nation arc has just been a heartbreaking view of the Green Goblin destroying everything around Otto, all while Peter struggling to remember who he was and regain control of his body. This issue did a wonderful job of wrapping up some key points as Peter tries to understand the changes and damages Otto caused in his absence and does it all while saving the day in true witty Peter fashion. It was very refreshing seeing Peter come back and get the job done in the only way he knows how and with quick jokes and kick ass actions. Camuncoli, Dell, Pallot, and Fabela all bring out their best for this issue. New York in flames, character details and expressions, and the action were all done in such a “superior” fashion giving the finale the grand ending it deserved. For me, and I can assume for a lot of other people, the best thing was seeing the return of the classic costume. I for one really liked the superior csotumes but with this being the grand return of Peter, the classic one just shined above the rest.

Superior Spider-Man #31 - Page 4The Downs: All good here.

Overall: A wonderful ending to a game changing series. ‘The Superior Spider-Man’ actually revived my interest in Spider-Man and I can not thank Dan Slott enough for it. A lot of interesting plot twists went on in this issue (going to have to read to find out, too good to spoil!) and with all of this leading into the jumping on point of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, I can say for a fact it’s only the beginning of how crazy the world of Spider-Man will become. But no matter how many people said in the beginning of this series that making Otto Spider-Man was a terrible idea, they can not deny how much this did for the world of Spider-Man and that it truly was a “Superior” series!

Grade 5 of 5

2 thoughts on “Superior Spider-Man #31 Series Finale Review

  1. Has there ever been a “gimmick” event that worked so well? I imagine there are a few hold-outs who hate Superior on principle, but as far as I can tell, everyone who gave the story a fair chance came away loving it. Knightfall is maybe a distant second as an extended “What If” experiment that was also a good story.

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