Spider-man 2099 #1 Review

Miguel O’Hara is stuck in our present time after trying to save the life of his grandfather Tiberius Stone, current head of Alchemax. Now that he is stranded, Miguel is under the guise of Mike O’Mara to ensure his real identity is not remembered or recorded in anyway to hold against him in the future. For now, Miguel/Mike must make due in the year 2014 until he can find his way back to his home in the future city Nueva York before he is completely exposed.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review


Peter is back! Now that he has proven to his enemy and himself that he is the Superior Spider-Man, it is time for him to be Amazing again. Coming back to the world is not as simple as he thought, He must get accustom to what Doc Ock has left him with: A doctrine, his own company, and even a girlfriend! So what could possibly be wrong? Except everything! Also in this issue is some of the wrongs of Doc Ock coming back to bite the Spider-Man in the butt. Can Spidey keep his clothes on long enough to resolve those wrongs? Not a chance!

Superior Spider-Man #31 Series Finale Review


“What can I say? I woke up feeling like a new man.”

After being completely defeated by the Green Goblin, Otto realized that he cannot win. Meanwhile Peter finally escaped the depths of Otto’s memories to see New York in complete ruin. At this moment Otto saw that Peter would have been able to prevent this and that he is the true Superior Spider-Man. Otto decided the best course of action was to give back Peter’s body in order to save the day, sacrificing himself in the process. But before he left, Otto made Peter promise to save Anna Maria, the one person he truly cared for in this world, and with that re-enter Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man!