The Superior Spider-Man #32 Edge of Spider-Verse Review

Superior Spider-Man #32 - Page 1Writers: Dan Slott/Christos Gage

Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Inker/Colorist: John Dell/Antonio Fabela


“I have all I ever need from you, dolt.”

After getting caught in the affairs of the Spider-Man of 2099 and his grandfather Tiberius Stone, Otto Octavius—the Superior Spider-Man—attempted to stop Horizon Labs from being lost in an explosion. Instead, he caused a temporal implosion resulting in Otto to go missing for a full 24 hours. Now we finally learn what happened to Otto and where exactly he disappeared to all that time!

The Ups: Read this issue. Period. If that’s not enough for you then I’d gladly give you a more detailed explanation as to why this issue is a must-read. Every direction you might think this issue will go in, Slott and Gage make sure you could not guess how this story was going to unfold. What I expected to be a simple and well-put together set up for Spider-Verse turned into a sarcastic, action-packed roller coaster of Spider-Man goodness. Otto does not skip a beat in this story and was written so well that I caught myself getting a bit emotional knowing that after Spider-Verse, the Superior Spider-Man will be no more. The art team of Camuncoli, Dell and Fabela bring their best in this entire issue. If you enjoyed their work during ‘Goblin Nation’ then this issue surpasses even that: no detail is spared, every character and background simply pop off the page, and the colors are vibrant—bringing this entire comic to life. You can see how truly skilled these men are as they keep up with the constant shifts of scenery, one more dynamic than the next, keeping my eyes glued to the issue while making me even more excited for Spider-Verse!

The Downs: I dare you to find something wrong with this issue. Because trust me, you won’t.

Overall: This all-star team went above and beyond for the return for the Superior Spider-Man and I couldn’t be any happier with the results. This issue was full of twists and packed full of easter eggs and surprises. Whether or not you’re are a hardcore Spider-Man fan, there is something to get excited about here as a comic book fan. If this is the story Slott and Gage started us off with, then we’re all in for a treat when Spider-Verse begins in September! Read this issue. Period.

Grade 5 of 5


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