Batman Eternal #1 Review

Batman Eternal #1 - Page 1Writers: Scott Snyder/James Tynion IV/Ray Fawkes/John Layman/Tim Seeley

Artist: Jason Fabok

Colorist: Brad Anderson

“This war horse still has some fight left in him. What do you say?”

Gotham City, protected by Batman and his many allies and always prepared to stop evil in it’s tracks. But what is someone trying to get to Batman goes through his allies first and destroy everything he loves in order to make him understand he can not protect Gotham anymore.

The Ups: The long awaited weekly Batman Eternal series and it comes in swinging. The all-star writing team starts this story off showing Gotham City in flames and Batman chained to the bay signal being shown by an unknown enemy how he has failed. All that actually excited to see how deep this story is going to go and I will admit, I was very skeptical about the issue being a weekly release, but the scale of the story seems so huge that it will constantly keep me entertained. The focus for this issue is Commissioner Gordon, as he and Batman take on Pyg and his lackeys. The foreshadowing in the beginning of the issue leads to me to believe with how the story went and how it ended, that all of the Bat-Clan members are going to be focused on one by one which to be is very intriguing. Getting to see Scott Snyder write for all the other characters of the Bat-Clan excites me because I feel he knows exactly how the character should act and feel and is always displayed in a wonderful fashion. Fabok and Anderson come in strong with some powerful artwork and coloring displaying all the chaos and drama in this intense issue, Fabok’s details really shine with displaying great details of the destruction and bringing the characters to life with great facial expressions to help the readers feel the suspense from the story being told.

Batman Eternal #1 - Page 7The Downs: All good here.

Overall: I expected nothing less from this all-star creative team and the results were better than expected. We are definitely in for an excited and gripping story and I for one am no longer worried but much more excited to see a weekly comic series I can tell will not disappoint.

Grade 5 of 5

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