Nightcrawler #1 Review


Chris Samnee Regular Cover

Chris Samnee Regular Cover

Writer: Chris Claremont

Artist: Todd Nauck

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg

Kurt Wagner a.k.a. Nightcrawler has just recently come back to life and has resumed his life among the X-Men and the ones he loves. Kurt soon realizes that many things have changed in the time he has been gone and many new threats have arisen…

The Ups: My favorite part of this issue is the incredibly personal narration that Chris Claremont delivers throughout the issue. The combination of the writing done for Nightcrawler’s inner monologue and the general story throughout the book has a certain continuity that drives the whole thing through on a steady pace. The thing that dragged me into this book and its story was initially the book itself because I was surprised to see a Nightcrawler solo comic because I knew nothing about it! In addition, it is very refreshing to see and experience the return of Nightcrawler. I am not a huge fan or X-Men but I do really enjoy Kurt’s character and what Claremont and his team are doing so far is awesome. Furthermore, Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors are extremely vibrant with very little saturation which helps to bring out the blue of Nightcrawler’s skin more and other colors in different scenes.

The Downs: The only thing to me that seemed a little on the dry side is Todd Nauck’s artwork. It doesn’t really draw me in too much and I don’t find much joy in it. The art seemed like something that I have seen over and over again and it didn’t seem that the art had any distinguishing features about it. It all was very similar to comic art I’ve seen in the past and didn’t quite resonate within me.

Overall: As I said above, Nightcrawler is a beloved character of mine and the team of Claremont, Nauck, and Rosenberg produced a very decent comic in what I hope will be a long line of comics to come. So far their focus seems to be strongly centered on Nightcrawler (hence the name) and the characters closely affiliated with him and less about the X-Men which is truly exciting.

Grade 4 of 5

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