Animal Man #29 Review

Animal Man #29 - Page 1Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Jeff Lemire/Travel Foreman

Colorist: Jose Villarrubia


“Why don’t I tell you a story, daddy?”

After almost losing everything at the hands of Brother Blood, Buddy Baker overcame the odds, went to space and back and reentered the Red in order to save his daughter as well as the balance of the world. Throughout the course of this series Buddy has been many things, actor, family man, savior, but not all without tragedy with the lost of his son Cliff during the battle with the Rot. But no matter what comes in his way, Buddy will always be Animal Man.

The Ups: It’s beyond disappointing that such a well written series is coming to an end, but it has left me with a lot of good inspiration and love for a hero I knew nothing about getting into this series. Lemire has been on writing duties since this series started and every single arc was wonderfully put together and did wonders showing the rise then fall and the rise again of Buddy Baker. This last issue is basically just a recap of the events the accorded in the series but left me with a feeling of satisfaction. The most enjoyable part of the issue for me was when Maxine was telling Buddy a story, which was basically all the events that have led up to this point, but it was Lemire’s artwork that made it great. The artwork drew the feel of a kid’s imagination telling a story and was depicted as such, as there no need for anything fancy and this fit just right. Foreman and Villarrubia’s art and color were very simple and calm, normally I would not be crazy about it but being that Buddy is going back to a more simple and calmer point in his life, it complimented this ending perfectly.

Animal Man #29 - Page 13The Downs: My only issue with the story was I was hoping for some kind of hint of how Buddy gets himself involved with the Justice League United even though he took no part in Forever Evil. Granted the series starts up in April, but I was hoping for a small hint, if any, of the future.

Overall: I won’t lie, I got a little choked up with the ending, as I found a superhero but is not as popular as all the rest but one that was a lot more inspiring to me. The entire series from start to finish was an amazing read and I hope Lemire brings the great story telling in Animal Man to Justice League United. I’m sad it had to end but I’m glad I was able to read a story such as this, make sure you guys check it out its worth the read.

Grade 4 of 5

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