Sovereign #1 Review

Sovereign #1 - Page 1Writer: Chris Robertson

Artist: Paul Maybury

Colorist: Jordan Gibson

“Sovereign #1”

This new series takes place in a rich world full of horse-riding nomadic warriors, giant monsters, undead monsters, and the paladins responsible for putting them to rest. This first issue looks at the world from three different perspectives, each filled with danger and mystery.

Ups: This first issue does a fantastic job representing the feel of the series and getting the reader immersed in the world. The setting of this series is incredibly deep and everything has a history behind it, which will no doubt lead to some great story lines. The issue is broken down into three different perspectives and each perspective has its own tone and color pallet which demonstrates the diversity of this world and the characters in it. The art style is visceral and engaging and the character designs are awesome. I was particularly interested in the concept and design of the two Luminari paladins, who go around giving the dead their last rites or destroying them when their bodies get possessed.

Downs: It’s hard to follow the events of this issue because so much is left unexplained. There is a blurb at the end of the issue which goes into some of the lore that explains what’s going on but you’ll probably be pretty lost during your first reading of it. On top of this, the issue is told from 3 different perspectives which (at the moment) having nothing to with each other. It becomes hard to keep track of all the characters because nothing connects them.

Overall: This book left me delightfully confused during my first reading of it. I enjoyed what I was reading but this issue basically drops the reader into a new world and lets you figure everything out on your own. The characters often make references that you wouldn’t know about. On top of that there are three widely different and disconnected perspectives in play, and without knowing how they all fit together it’s hard to give things context. That being said, if you don’t mind reading the lore in the back of the issue and re-reading it once or twice you will understand the book more and appreciate the depth of the setting. The issue was a little hard to follow on the first read through but it introduces a unique and interesting world that I’m curious to see more of.

Grade: 3 of 5

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