Black Science #3 Review

Black Science #3 - Page 1Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Matteo Scalera

Colorist: Dean White


Grant has been dealt a major blow. His bodyguard and the unlikeliest of heroes have gone out to seek a way to rescue him on an estrange world. Can’t they save Grant? There only chance of getting back home? Plus details of the events leading up to their travels? Did we mention NATIVE AMERICAN MECHS!

Black Science #3 - Page 9The Ups: Last week Remender delivered a great first issue of Deadly Class and this week he deepens the plot of Black Science #3. Last issue we focused on Grant’s bodyguard Ward but this time the spotlight is on Kadir, the not so nice boss. He is not the most lovable character of the bunch but Remender’s focus on him sheds a little more light on the power hungry character. You see his immoral choices but it is not that simple. There is something more to the character that Remender barely hints at. The curiosity he creates is great because I now want to know more about this character. There is also more character relationship being explore with some characters such as Grant and Becca that are interesting information. Remender plants a lot of seeds this issue that will create speculation on how this whole event started and I am enjoying creating my theories. Scalera and White continues to give us the dark side of the parallel universes with his dark tone art. The world that he creates for the series is amazing. The art work is very energetic and it feels like explosive in your face panels. Each page feels like a punch of visual delight and  I can’t take my eyes of the pages!

The Downs: This issue was written and drawn to perfection

Overall: Remender continues to take my money. His creator owns series have not failed to captivate me. This issue is full of character and plot developments that are paving the way to the origin of the series. Scalera and White are just killing the art. The make dark worlds look pretty. Black Science #3 is high intense action that can’t be missed! If you need a new series this is the one to grab this week.

Grade 5 of 5

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