Black Science #4 Review

Black Science #4 Cover

Writer: Rick Remender

Artists: Matteo Scalera & Dean White

Black Science #4

With Grant still severely wounded, Ward and Kadir attempt to abduct a shaman from the technologically advanced Native Americans. Meanwhile Rebecca tries to repair the Pillar to escape from this dimension and ultimately get home.

Ups: The art in this series is top notch. The art team on this series clearly has a lot of imagination and they put together some very creative designs. These are the same people who brought us giant tomahawk wielding Native American robots after all. The story makes some bold decisions that you’d probably only get in an indie book. The events of the story aren’t always neat or fair or convenient which creates real conflict and makes the story harder to predict and more interesting.

Black Science #4 Interior

Downs: We still know relatively little about a good amount of the “dimensionaughts” as Ward calls them. While the book is only 4 issues in, this issue doesn’t help to introduce us to characters we don’t know too well. While it does go into more depth with Ward we still don’t know much about Grant’s children or the rest of the team which makes it hard to gauge where everyone stands.

Overall: This issue is full of suspense and action and it proves that no one is safe, and not everyone is on the same team. The team dynamic is a little hard to read at this point since it’s still fairly early in the series but the main roles are present and that’s enough to work with on the reader’s end. This book has been pretty unstructured so far, which was enjoyable and built tension in the beginning, but the ending points to a definitive conflict that we’ll see come to fruition in the near future. This series is definitely unlike anything else out there and it’s only limited by the imagination of its creators and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Grade: 4 of 5

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