Quick Hit Reviews: Black Science #2, Batman & Two-Face #26, Superior Spider-Man Team Up #8, and Batman Beyond Universe #5

Black Science #2 - Page 1BLACK SCIENCE #2

Writer: Rick Remender  Artist: Matteo Scalera Colorist: Dean White

Remender continues his story of Grant’s forbidden science and it is gripping! The issue introduces the other characters of the story and the background story that lead to the first issue. Every character in the story has a useful purpose. One of the most interesting aspect of this issue was the focus on Grant’s bodyguard Ward. He definitely stole the spotlight with his story. The art of Scalera and White is what makes this series work. Scalera’s dynamic facial expressions are on point portraying the feel of the characters. The art’s dark tones and colors makes this thrilling sci-fi a must read.

Grade 4 of 5


Batman and Two-Face #26 - Page 1BATMAN AND TWO-FACE #26

Writer: Peter Tomasi Artist: Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Colorist: John Kalisz

Tomasi has taken this story further than I would have liked. Two-Face continues his hunt for Erin Mckillen who is being helped by Bruce Wayne. Mckillen is not free and wants no part in the death of Two-Face or so it seems. What really bothers me is how long do they plan on making this book a team-up series. It seems like they are going to drag out that theme for a while with readers wanting to know who the next Robin will be. The story is good but it is does not need a 5 issue arc. This could have been wrapped up in 3. The art is great as always but that won’t help you forgive what the series has been doing. If you are really digging Two-Face then pick it up but I’ll be waiting for the new story arc to begin.

Grade 3 of 5


Superior_Spider-Man_Team-Up_Vol_1_8SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #8

Writer: Chris Yost  Artist: Will Sliney Colorist: Antonio Fabela

Unaware to some but this is Yost last issue of the series. This issue explores SpOck (Spider-Man/Otto Octavius) feeling of doubt. He no longer believe he is superior after the event of the last issue and to make matter worse he has to help the least favorite Avenger: Namor. I have been enjoying all of Yost issues in this series but this was not his best. Dialogue is flat with SpOck keeps referring himself as the Superior Spider-Man. It has been establish and the repetitive call to it is a bit annoying. The resolution comes too quickly as I would have enjoyed a few more issue of  SpOck not feeling Superior. Sliney’s art is the best part of the issue. He has a Paolo Rivera style with his own feel that is stunning. Sliney and Fabela is a team up I approve and want to see again. You’ll stay for the art so pick it up.

Grade 3 of 5

Batman Beyond Universe 5_Cover_52ab29c332ca17.85962295BATMAN BEYOND UNIVERSE #5

Writer: Kyle Higgins/Christos Gage  Artist: Tony Silas/Iban Coello

Higgins beyond is top notch. This issue builds on the relationship of Terry and Dick while they tackle a new villain with the end leading to a shocking team-up. If you loved the animated series then this series is what you need to feel like it never left. Higgins writes an entertaining story with a throw back to an episode of  Batman: The Animated Series(an episode I remember too well) Silas art is just amazing, especially how it looks exactly like watching the show. Gage brings the Justice League to face an old and terrifying villain known as Brainiac. Gage explores the relationship dynamic of the team well with the introduction of a Superboy named Zod joining the team. The art is great with a more detailed approach than Silas. This book is a must!

Grade 5 of 5

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