Earth 2 Annual #2 Review

Annual Earth 2 #2 - Page 1Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Robson Rocha

Inker/Colorist: Scott Hanna/Pete Pantazis


“I have no one left to disappoint.”

Earth 2’s Batman died courageously in battle saving the world from the aliens of Apokolips. Recently a new Batman has stepped up in order to save the world from Superman and now we find out who exactly is the man behind the cowl.

The Ups: Taylor has outdone himself once again with this story and while now you might be saying, “Well it’s just another lame origin story'” that’s where you would be wrong. Sadly there’s so much I can’t say because it will simply ruin the surprise of how the new Batman is. But I can say there is an interesting twist on the night that made Bruce who he is today and but had a few touching moments to make you more involved with the characters of the story. While Earth 2 is known for the top notch artwork of Nicola Scott, Rocha definitely brings an art style worthy of the book to keep with the high quality style this series is known for. Every costume design, background, character and even the sweet throwback Batmobile were all so wonderfully done I felt like I was reading a comic version of Tim Burton’s original Batman movie. Hanna and Pantazis are on their A game with such intense but dark and grimy colors to set the deep and gripping mood of the story Taylor was telling.

Annual Earth 2 #2 - Page 5The Downs: Nothing to complain about here.

Overall: Personally this is one of the better Batman origin stories that has been told. Earth 2 has been such an amazing read from day one and Taylor’s turn on the series has not slowed down the momentum either. Rocha, Hanna, and Pantzais all do a wonderful job on their artwork to help keep Earth 2 one of the top DC comics you and everyone else should be reading.

Grade 5 of 5

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