Futures End: Earth 2 #1 Review


It’s 5 years later and it seems that Earth 2 might have been lost. The people who survived the Earth 2 war are now residing on Earth Prime. Earth Prime has become xenophobic of Earth 2 residents and alienate them. We find Michael Holt, Mr. Terrific, with Earth 2’s Sonia Sato about to demonstrate to the world the next new social communication personal: The U-Sphere. However, Terry Sloan has other plans for Earth that will make Mr. Terrific’s life a living hell.

Earth 2 #23 Preview

Superman has found Val, the other man from Krypton. With no other choice, Lois decides to take on the man she loves in a last ditch effort to put a stop to Superman!

Earth 2 Annual #2 Review


“I have no one left to disappoint.”

Earth 2’s Batman died courageously in battle saving the world from the aliens of Apokolips. Recently a new Batman has stepped up in order to save the world from Superman and now we find out who exactly is the man behind the cowl.