Guardians of the Galaxy 11.NOW Review

Guardians of the Galaxy NOW #11 - Page 1Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Sarah Pichelli

Colorist: Justin Ponsor


The Guardians once again find themselves returning to Earth, the most mischievous planet in the Milky Way. However they run into some snags when Peter Quill fails to lay low while the Spartax army pursues him.

The Ups: The Pichelli and Ponsor art team makes this issue a visual feast as they’ve done consistently throughout the series. Their art has such great movement to it and the characters are all posed very organically. This enables the art to convey a range of tones, from relaxed and jovial to tense and visceral. Bendis accurately captures the personality of each member in the Guardians, as well as newcomer Angela who is becoming an entertaining companion to Gamora. As a sort of alternate issue #1 in “The Trial of Jean Grey” arc it adds some context to last week’s issue of “All-New X-men”.

Guardians of the Galaxy NOW #11 - Page 8The Downs: This issue doesn’t add very much to the plot of this cross-over. While it does advance the narrative of the Guardians series itself it doesn’t tell us anything we wouldn’t have learned from reading last week’s “All-New X-men” issue. To be fair both issues take place at the same time so they essentially tell the same story. Knowing the “twist” preemptively takes a little bit of the fun out of this issue.

Overall: The issue does a lot of the busy work needed to set up “The Trial of Jean Grey” on the Guardians side of things, but it is largely just a mirror issue to last week’s “All-New X-men”. Having read the issues as they came out I sort of went into this issue having known what was going to happen already which kind of ruined it. Presumably you could have read this one first and then the “Al-New X-men” issue and that one wouldn’t have been as much fun, but my point is one of the issues loses its shock value when they both have the same ending. If you’ve been reading “The Guardians of the Galaxy” and you want to keep tabs on your favorite characters you’ll probably be interested in this issue but if you’re just following the event you only really need to read one of the “issue #1”s.

Grade: 3 of 5

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