Green Arrow #27 Review

GREEN ARROW #27 - Page 1

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist/Cover: Andrea Sorrentino

Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo


Oliver and Shado have found the location of the Arrow clan. More things come to light about Oliver’s past on the island. The shield clan has arrived and they are not gonna let them leave the island in one piece. Can this Arrow duo be enough for a whole clan of shield men or will they be the first clan to fall in this war.

The Ups: I have been review this series and I have been giving it high praises. This book deserves it! I am going on record to say that this issue is the best one of the series. Lemire out did himself with a great balance of storytelling and action sequences. He gives more insight into Oliver’s past on the island and reveals the first step into Oliver’s progression to Green Arrow. This is not a rehashed origin or an Arrow copy. This back story was intense and it is my favorite incarnation of the story yet. Lemire also introduces the Shield clan and their leader Kodiak who is an entertaining character. His personality is not what you might expect and that is what makes this character fun. Some interesting surprises that are shocking the turns the gear on this story. Sorrentino is a master at his craft. This issue’s art easily tops all the other releases of the week! The panel setup and the small panel boxes with in the bigger panel displaying arrow hitting their targets is too awesome. The page layout during the fight with the shield clan is intense with so much detail that you must pause your reading to take it all in (just look at the image below, amazing? I know!). It is an art masterpiece. The art is superb with Maiolo vibrant colors. His story telling technique with colors are top notch. He used different color background colors to point out Shado’s and Oliver’s arrows that makes the action easier to follow. This is my pick of the week….make that the month!

GREEN ARROW #27 - Page 11

The Downs: Are you kidding me? Nothing! I just wanted more.

Overall: Lemire has made this book the can’t miss series. The outsiders war is heating up and Lemire shows no sign of slowing down. Sorrentino and Maiolo are a team to be wrecked with. This art team just keeps getting better at delivering mind blowing art and story telling. If you are not reading, stop what you are doing and pick up this issue and the series from issue #17. You will love it!

Grade 5 of 5

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