Green Arrow #30 Review

Green Arrow #30 - Page 1Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo


“My blade is thirsty, Butcher.”

Feeling betrayed by Shado and his once thought dead father Robert, Oliver decides to take matter into his own hands and take on Komodo and the Outsiders. Confronting them was not the smartest idea and Oliver paid the ultimate price. Is our hero really dead, or is someone being played a fool?

The Ups: Lemire kicks the action into full gear after an interesting twist at the start of the issue. We are finally getting to see the larger scope of the war and more on the clans involved. This issue introduced the Axe Clan, the last clan to be introduced, and by the looks of it the largest clan, lead by Butcher and Katana. While there’s not too much I can say about the story without spoiling it, there is a lot of interesting developments this issue that brought a little more understanding to Oliver’s family drama and even some idea where the next arc will lead with Richard Dragon. The story was very interesting, but the main highlight of this issue was the artwork and the colors. Sorrentino and Maiolo’s attention to detail was beyond amazing. With so much going on during the intense battles, the art team was able keep everything intact. Sorrentino kept every character on the page, even the minor ones, in full detail at all times all while making you feel like you were sucked into the battle. I actually enjoyed the look of the Axe Clan since they all had individual looks almost resembling an Native American tribe. Maiolo’s unique take on colors helped intensify the strength behind the blows going on in the battle. He always has great ways of emphasizing the action of really cool scenes as shown in the sickest page of the issue I posted below. Since this was not a story heavy issue, I’m glad to see Sorrentino and Miaolo go above and beyond. I am hoping we get to see more of the battles in the final chapter of this arc next month.

Green Arrow #30 - Page 5The Downs: The only downside to the issue was the lack of story progression. Aside from a scene involving Richard Dragon, it was more about characters’ secrets revealed that we the readers already knew. But it made way for beautiful artwork so it’s nothing the really hurts the issue too much.

Overall: Full of fantastic artwork from start to finish. The battle is picking up and leading us into the conclusion of this arc. This issue is another great read from Lemire and Sorrentino’s run. If you enjoy the intensity of CW’s ‘Arrow’ then it would do you well to pick up the Green Arrow comics, as this is one of DC’s best comic out right now.

Grade 4 of 5

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