Amazing Spider-Man #4: Original Sin Tie-In Review

Humberto Ramos Reg Cover

Writers: Dan Slott

Artist: Humberto Ramos

Inker/Colorist:  Victor Olazaba / Edgar Delgado


Peter has a lot on his plate! He is running a tech company that needs a Hail Mary to avoid closure, Black Cat is out for revenge, Electro is dangerously unstable, and now the Watcher’s eye is on the loose! There are secrets that Peter never knew of that come to light in which friends turn into enemies and the moment fans have been waiting for: Enter Silk! Let the Spider-Verse begin!

The Ups: This issue has lots of story plots unfolding in front of you. Thanks to Dan Slott we get more than we could ask for the price of $3.99. The issue starts with a quick check-in into the Parker’s industries capture Electro protocol and the Original sin tie in. This leads to the unraveling of the Spider-Verse web. Slott’s introduction of Silk to Spider-Man is a quick roller coaster of emotions. Upon freeing Silk, she is outraged because of the dangers he just set in motions which quickly becomes a joyous and liberating moment for Silk. I enjoy seeing the many faces of Silk in this issue. I quickly fell in love with the character’s personality and story. She has a few similar qualities as Peter that makes her transition to the Spidey world welcoming as she is a crucial part to Spider-Verse. We get to see what Silk can do in term of her spider-abilities and it seems that Peter might have met his equal or even possibly his superior. These two characters share a connection that comes down to a primal level and Slott weaves the characters’ interactions in a yin and yang fashion perfectly. This story is starting to shape up to be one of the best this year and I can’t wait for Morlun to shake-up the Spider-Verse.

Humberto Ramos and Victor Olazaba give a new meaning to the word amazing. There are lots of twist and turn moments that is portrayed with crisp clean line work. Ramos does a great job with the fluid movement between Spider-Man and Silk. It was like watching two people dance in sync. Silk’s costume design is a great example of Ramos’ skill. He invents a look that is true to the character’s name and personality. Edgar Delgado accentuate the art with bright lively colors he brings in issues after issues. His work is always a delight and something to look forward to every issue.

The Downs: I read this 3 times and all I got was perfect.

Overall: Slott has started the gears that will drive us into Spider-Verse this issue. He accomplishes to address all the known and hidden plot lines in one issue. Slott works magic with Silk and creates a character that we’ll fall for rather she’s good or evil. I’ll go on record to say that this art team is the Marvel dream team. Together, there are no better visuals in a book. This issue continues to deliver and prove why Amazing Spider-Man is Marvel’s #1 series.

Grade 5 of 5 

3 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man #4: Original Sin Tie-In Review

  1. I breezed through this one in less than 10 minutes… and that’s not a bad thing. It was a really easy, enjoyable read. Silk is a surprisingly fresh and vibrant new character–I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. They also set up some of the upcoming Spider-Verse stuff, so that should be interesting (although, not having read the previous Amazing Spider-Man stories, I was pretty lost on the references…).

    more at

    • Yeah. I enjoy seeing new characters like Silk and Clash. The book of Ezekiel and The Others if you really want the history. But I think Dan Slott will inform you more on that history as spider-verse starts

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