Why We Love Batman: ComicsRefueled’s Tribute To The Dark Knight

batman-logo-bigIt’s Batman Day and we here at ComicsRefueled wanted to do a little something different in celebration of the Dark Knight’s 75 birthday. Each of us here decided to share with all of you what we love about Batman, what were our first experiences with Batman and what we all have taken from the great stories that have come out in his 75 years of dark justice!

Credit: DC Comics Art by Jim Lee

Credit: DC Comics Art by Jim Lee


The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The Night, whatever you call him, Bruce Wayne is one of most pivotal and world renowned superheroes, not only in the DC universe but also in our own world at large. From Earth 2 and New 52, all the way back to the first iteration of him, Batman has come in many different shapes, forms, and sizes that are all unique but still hold the same values that Batman has always been about. He stands for truth and justice by any means necessary in a world and where corruption, violence, and strife are spreading like a cancer. It is because of those things that Batman is so important to me in my own life. All of us who read comics do so because they provide some sort of escape or relief for us from the real world around us that is filled with the same things that Batman faces in his. For me, after reading any sort of Batman content and seeing him stand up to immeasurable odds and still succeed is inspiration for me to push on to take on any obstacles in front of me and I don’t have it nearly as bad as the Dark Knight does. In my eyes Batman represents the epitome of what it means to seek truth and justice without having to stoop down to a lower level or to the level of those who are the source of the problems we face. He shows me that truth and justice are real things and we can achieve them if we only open our eyes and seek them out with unshakable tenacity. Without experiencing Batman’s life and world and taking in his lessons I truly believe I would not be the man I am today and be able to look the world in the face with unblinking eyes and see the opportunities for truth and justice hidden in the darkness of it all.


Credit: DC Comics, Warner Bros. Art by Bruce Timm


Batman has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching a lot of cartoons, and as a child of the 90’s I’m proud to say we had some of the best DC animation there has ever been. From “Batman: The Animated Series” to “Batman Beyond” to “Justice League” there was no shortage of great Batman stories in my childhood. In every story Batman was a part of he always came out on top because he was smart, and always knew what to say, and always had the right gadgets. Batman was an example of the perfect human being, who knew everything and could do anything. As a kid I didn’t know everything and there were many things I couldn’t do, but there was always the possibility that I could be Batman some day. I would need ridiculous wealth, years of diligent study and training in pretty much everything, but it was possible. Spoiler alert: I’m not Batman, and as far as I know no one is, but I am better than the person I would’ve been if I’d never known Batman. Batman introduced me to the value of knowledge because he read everything he could and knew that any information he had could mean the difference between life and death in his war on crime. In his long nights as Batman and long days as Bruce Wayne he shows unfailing endurance and determination in the pursuit of his goals. He demonstrates restraint and moral integrity in his vow to never kill. To this day I try to hold on to these lessons and strive to become a better person as a result. Everyone has a role-model or hero, for some people it’s Jesus or their favorite athlete, mine just happens to a man in a Bat-costume. The Batman has been changing people’s lives for 75 years, and sincerely I hope the legend continues for 75 more.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.


My love for Batman extends back to the 1989 Tim Burton movie. He is a normal man who puts everything on the line to protect his city from the fiendish men of the night. His determination is what pulls me into the character. Even when he is battered, bruised, and broken Batman rises again and finds a way to overcome all his obstacles. I look at the character and I inspire to be him. Of course I am not going to put on the cowl and fight crime but I apply his determination to my own life to overcome my daily challenges. I accomplish what I need to do this way and I can truly feel like “I AM THE GOD DAMN BATMAN” (Thank you Frank Miller!) What I enjoy about reading Batman is his detective skills. I really enjoy watching him pick up the pieces that eventually puts the whole story together. What I enjoy about his world is the city. I believe his city is his true enemy. The city that he loves and fights for produces the allure for his rogue gallery. We have seen the horror the Joker brings and it is always Gotham that is caught in the middle. I LOVE IT! Gotham is a fickle mistress and I wish it and Batman a Happy 75th Birthday.

Credit: DC Comics Art by Greg Capullo

Credit: DC Comics Art by Greg Capullo


Wham! Bam! Smack! Adam West’s Batman series is my first memory of the Dark Knight. Granted all I saw were reruns since I was not even born yet when the series first aired, but as a child the light hearted show brought me into the world of superheroes. Then came along Batman: The Animated Series and that’s where I knew Batman was going to have an strong influence in my life. The depiction of Bruce Wayne being the suave playboy and Batman with the no nonsense and serve justice style was such a far cry from the 1966 series and showed me who Batman was really suppose to be. There had to be countless times I dressed up as Batman for Halloween and I even made a Batcave in my closest and kept all my Batman toys there for dramatic effect. I’ve seen every animated series and animated movie, all the live action movies (yes even the Bat nipples), but just recently I’ve come into his real world and that’s the world of comics. While I love a lot of the pre New 52 stories, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s current run have truly sucked me back into Batman’s world once again. I see Batman as a perfectionist in everything he does and always comes out on top, and even with his team of superpowered friends, he always seems to keep up and even sometimes surpass them. This hits close to me because I enjoy being a unique individual in a world where I’m looked at as different and truly want to be the best at everything I set my mind on like Batman always does. Everyone wants to be a superhero and I just want to set myself apart and achievement greatness my own way like Batman has for 75 long years. Happy Birthday Batman and here’s to many more!

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did writing it. Let us know what brought you into the world of Batman and some stories you like to share and we all hope you enjoyed Batman Day as much as we did!

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